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By Megan Smith

Who, What, When, Where, Why

If Aristotle, the reputed father of the 5 Ws were still alive, he would probably be walking around with swagger wearing his favourite denim apparel.  Although I am not as articulate as Aristotle, these are my views on denim, the 5 Ws:  


Who can wear denim?  Well to be quite frank, anybody.  It does not matter the gender, age, the race, the country, the economic status, spiritual beliefs, or political standing.    That being said, an older gentleman, or on the other end of the age spectrum, a young child, in my honest opinion, should wear their denim jeans, shirts, or jackets to suit their current age   based on current style trends, considering styles best suited for the country and area they are living in, or travelling to.   More on this later in the article.  It does not matter if you are skinny or large, short or tall, young or old, urban or country, there is a denim product that will suit you and the environment you will wear it in.   


What is denim?  What is the weight of denim jeans?  Denim is a durable, long lasting fabric made from 100% cotton or a cotton spandex blend and comes in a variety of weights…light-weight, mid-weight, heavy-weight, and are purpose built for work, play, or casual wear.  The introduction of spandex to the cotton allows the jeans to have stretch, and also help the jeans maintain their original shape.  This allows the jeans to be more comfortable and form fitting, alleviating stress points or tightness in pressure point areas.   Whether you are looking for the best men's jeans under 100 dollars, best jeans for overweight men,  mens elastic waist jeans no zipper, black denim overalls straight fit men, mens jeans with designs on back pockets, or black denim overalls straight fit men, there are denim jeans to suit your needs.   Even jeans for men with no butt look good, as jeans have a unique characteristic in creating the illusion of making anyone look good no matter what your size or shape is.  Some attractive and desirable traits will stand out with denim. 


When can you wear denim jeans?  Any time you want.  But the denim fashion should fit the occasion.   Day or night, winter or summer, there is no time of day or season, given the myriad of pieces…whether pants, shorts, shirts, jackets, coats, style options and finishes  that denim cannot be worn.  What to wear with light blue denim jeans?  Any casual shirt, t-shirt, sweater, or top of a contrasting colour will look good or even a matching denim jacket.    If the jeans are highly detailed, then a simple solid colored top will work, and alternately, if the jeans are simple in design, a more detailed design or patterned top will suit.  What to wear with denim jacket?  Can I wear a denim jacket with jeans?  Matching or contrasting jeans will look good, as long as the styles are similar.  Alternately, khakis or camouflage pants also look great with a denim jacket.



Where can denim be worn?  Different styles of denim can be worn for different venues, e.g., highly distressed, torn, worn, patched, or painted jeans may not be suitable for a conservative office atmosphere, but would be perfect for daily street wear or for a night out with your friends.  A mens denim jacket and pants set could be even worn for a more formal setting given the right style and circumstance.   If travelling in an unfamiliar country, it is best to wear a men's travel jacket with hidden pockets, secure cross shoulder bag, or fanny pack, as most jeans are easy prey for professional pickpocketers. 


Why wear denim?  Denim is easy to care for, long lasting, and forgiving.  Denim ages with you, and looks better as time goes on.  Back in the 70s, my friend’s dad had a pair of jeans that out lasted him 7 different cars and 3 wives.  Not saying that having 3 wives was a good thing, but hey, it proves denim is tough and can last a long time.  Denim pants can be worn over and over without washing.   Localised stains can be spot cleaned.  Even if your denim starts to have a odor from mustiness or perspiration, you can pop your denim in the freezer for 24 hours in a plastic sealed bag, and voila!  Bacteria dead. Odour gone!  In any event, denim will last a long time if washed and cared for properly, and depending on how you want to maintain the denim, it can look new or acquire a vintage looking patina over time.


With the affordability of denim jeans today, there is no reason not to have a variety of trendy denim jeans in your wardrobe to make you look your best every day!   Where to buy shirts that go with light denim jeans?  Drip4Men, that’s where. 

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