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Drip4Men™ - August 2020


By Romeo

2020 has been a whirlwind so far…so much has happened in the past 6 ½ months my head is still spinning.  Finally had a day to just chill in the Six.   A perfect summer’s day.  Glad to be at home…but my mind still has such vivid flashbacks to my past adventure.


 I left YYZ and landed in DXB to visit my rents between Xmas and New Year’s. 


I felt like I time travelled to some future world…the tall buildings, all shiny and futuristic in design.  my head was spinning.  The metamorphosis of Dubai since the discovery of oil in the 70’s is a change unseen in most cities or countries over a hundred years.  The office buildings, the hotels, the residential towers, the malls…mind blowing the money that must have been spent in creating this modern creation in the middle of a desert!  And then the contrast to see the old parts of the city, with its roots being a small pearl diving village on the shores of the Persian Gulf.  Like beaming back and forth from the future to the past and back again.

Off to Spain!

Then we went to Spain.  The most peaceful holistic journey of my life!  The weather was great, sunny and warm.  Not like a Toronto February at all.  Blazing while layin’ on the lounge chair catching some sun.  From the shores of the Mediterranean in La Manga which was built up in the 80s, to Cartagena, where the old part of town still has a well preserved Roman Theatre that was built between 5 and 1 BC.  That is before Christ was born…so 2021 to 2025 years ago!  The Romans, the Muslims, the Christians…the battles that were fought.  The generations of different people and races over thousands of more years…from the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, makes one wonder what life was like in the different eras.

Back to DXB!

Back to Dubai…then the invisible calamity!  I had to cut my trip short.  I managed to get the last flight out back home to Toronto in mid-March one month earlier than originally planned, or I would have been there till now in August.   Thank you mom for the trip and memories!

The NewWorld!

From a vibrant gregarious world we all knew to a virtual apocalyptic world of emptiness.  I quarantined myself for 2 weeks on my arrival to Toronto, and when emerging out of my burrow like a groundhog when spring arrives, I saw a barren world where people distanced, hid behind their masks, could not show their emotions as their faces were covered.  The new world order.

The world has changed.  History changes and evolves.  A second after I blink it is already the past.  We have the present…whoops…gone now.  And we have the future.

But it seems like life is slowly coming around.  People are become less frightful of being human again. 

So I finally was able to have a relaxing day blazin’ and chillin’ in the Six.  Hoping I can make a trip to some unknown place sometime soon.  Or back to Spain.  My heart may be there.  Gotta figure that one out.  But it is good to be home too.

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