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About Us

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The #1 official online store offering affordable premium men's urban denim jeans, fashion accessories and professional wear.  We strive to give our customers a great shopping experience in our store while offering quality lifestyle fashion and accessories to look good without spending a lot.  

Living in Toronto Canada, I found that the selection of high fashion streetwear to suit my style was unavailable or just plain hard to find unless you buy big, expensive brands, which are not affordable to the average urban man.  When shopping, I would often find the men's section was found way at the back in a small section of the store, and the clothing looked unisex.  Not at all my style.

This lead me to create Drip4Men™, where we are constantly curating great apparel at affordable prices in the most current urban man styles to distinguish our customers from the average urban dude.  Our selection of garments include mens denim jeans and denim jackets, joggers, tracksuits, hoodies, sportswear, shirts, pants and sweaters, crossbody bags, wide brim snapback caps, watches, etc.  We aim to stay on top of the current and upcoming fashion trends so that we can offer new and unique items to our customers.  

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Drop us a line if you want any information or are looking for any product not currently in our store and we will try to accommodate you! 

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